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Finding the best web hosting for your requirements is a vital step to establish a new website. No matter if you have commercial or non-profit aims, choosing the right provider will determine your success. Obviously there are many companies you can prefer; however, choosing the right one is a big issue. For about nine years, I have been testing and appraising different hosting firms in different aspects; such as speed, reliability, security, customer services, price, etc. If you are determined a long-term project, speed, security and customer support will be the most vital aspects for you. Below, you can find the best web hosting providers at the cheapest prices among the ones I have tested so far:

SiteGround Web Hosting Services1-SITEGROUND

SPEED Siteground is one of the fastest web hosting providers I have tested so far. During my tests, I never complained about its speed. The loading time of the website was always pleasuring. You can find more detailed and technical explanations on the official website.

SECURITY With its automatic backup system, pro-active server monitoring, unique anti-bots that uses artificial intelligence and account isolation services against hacking attacks, Siteground provides a magnificent facility to hold a secure website.

SUPPORT One of the major obligations for a web hosting provider is having a live chat system. Siteground gets another positive note by offering 7/24 live chat system. You can also contact the support team by telephone or mail system. More importantly, the support agents were always kind, willing to help, and able to solve any issue very quickly.


I trust SiteGround so much that it will make you satisfied with its services. In case you don't, you can get a full refund as they have a money-back guarantee. 

You can Register Best Web Hosting Here at a Discounted Price Now  at 3,95 instead of 11,95.


Ipage Hosting Services2-IPAGE

SPEED Ipage is a quite fast web hosting provider. As I tested the hosting provider, I was usually satisfied with its speed. Again, you can see more detailed explanations regarding technical issues on their official website. 

SECURITY Ipage has a security system, called SiteLock. It automatically scans malware daily, blocks automated bot attacks, runs a vulnerability scan, and remove malware automatically. Even it can provide a firewall for web applications. However, SiteLock system is not included in the product price, so you will require to pay an extra fee.

SUPPORT Ipage has a live chat system, with a kind, experienced, and problem-solver staff. Usually, I was able to connect to an agent within a few minutes. My issues were taken seriously and solved quickly. You can check iPage as Qualified and Cheap Web Hosting Here.

The two websites above are the ones I was really happy as a customer. There are dozens of services, which you can use for your own campaign. As I do not want to confuse you with tens of web hosting comparisons, I recommended the ones that really satisfied me. Instead of wasting your hours to find a more suitable one, you can select one of the above and start other work such as designing and search engine optimization. If you are not satisfied with the website I recommended, you can get a full refund without any question since they have money back guarantee.


If you are unsure about selecting which of the recommended ones, I advise to choose SiteGround. It has a better customer support, higher technology, more advancet security system. Its price is much more worthwile than you pay.  Actually, this is why I preferred to put it on top as a best web hosting provider.

WordPress Hosting

If you are looking for the best web hosting provider to establish a Wordpress site, SiteGround is the best one I have encountered. It is vital to work with a hosting company that has a wide range of experience, enough tools to establish your Wordpress site quickly, high technology to keep server secure and at high speed. Both commercial and non-commercial websites, SiteGround is the right provider to sustain a successful campaign. It is a fact that there are many companies providing services for Wordpress hosting, but not all of them have tools for quick establish, technology to maintain quick load and security. Also, the customer service of many companies is terrible. I have encountered a large amount of losses in terms of money, time and energy. Having a full money-back guarantee is another critical side of a company. I tested SiteGround whether they refund as they promised or not, and they passed my test in this criteria as well. Below, you can find more technical information regarding SiteGround and give it a try at the best price if you want:

Web HostingSPEED SiteGround is one of the fastest web hosting providers I have ever tested. During the tests, I was always satisfied with its speed. Loading time of the website was short because of their high technology. You can find more detailed and technical explanations on the official website.

SECURITY SiteGround has automatic backup system, pro-active server monitoring, unique anti-bots that possess artifical intelligence and account isolation service against any kind of  hacking attacks. These technologies makes it an awesome company to keep your website secure.

SUPPORT One of the key elements of a good web hosting provider is a live chat system. Siteground gets another mark by offering 7/24 live chat system. Moreover, there is telephone and mail system to reach support team. Furthermore, it was suprising that the support agents were real problem solvers.

You can Register Siteground at Best Price Now  at 3,95 instead of 11,95.


Dear Visitor, in this website, some of the outbound links are affiliate links, which means we have an agreement with the hosting companies that if anyone puchases through our links, we receive a commission. It does not affect the price you purchase, moreover you have chance to purchase on a discounted price. Furthermore, it NEVER means that I recommend any service in order to get commissions. Indeed, each of the companies I refer has full money back guarantee. Therefore, if you don't like the service, or you think that I mispresented the company you can easily get a full refund.

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